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Gutter Downspouts Are A Vital Piece to the Gutter System.

Does Your Bluffton Home Need Gutter Downspouts or Gutter Legs Installed?

When most people think about keeping their home in good condition, the first thing that comes to mind is maintaining the roof. However, what often gets forgotten is the importance of having functioning gutters and downspouts. Having proper drainage is essential for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is protecting your home from water damage. We are a trusted gutter installer in Bluffton.

The primary job of your gutters and downspouts is to divert water off the roof and away from the exterior of your home so that no water is able to enter. This is where it becomes important to ensure that the gutter system you have in place is up to snuff.

Gutter Downspouts Divert Water Away From Your Exterior Walls & Foundation

Downspouts Protect The Integrity Of You Home’s Foundation

The name “downspout” refers to the vertical section of the gutter system. They run along and are attached to the outside of your home. A downspout is designed to distribute water equally, avoiding erosion and causing furrows and divots in the grass. They also aid in preventing foundation movement by moving water away from the foundation. Rainwater is evenly distributed over the grass to prevent pooling. A downspout, on the other hand, may drain into the ground, through a garden, or into a water collection system such as a rain barrel.

A downspout can be installed on a new or existing home, either integrated into the guttering system or attached as an individual pipe. Downspouts come in various lengths; we’ll make sure you receive the appropriate size for your house.

Downspout Extensions

On some residences and commercial structures, downspout extensions may be required because they direct water further away from the foundation. The worst-case scenario is that you have a downspout on your gutter system that points straight down and directs gallons of water directly onto the foundation of your home or building.

Downspouts that are not redirecting the flow of water away from the property may be causing significant damage, which can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

We Install Gutter Extensions, Gutter Downspouts & Gutter legs In Bluffton, SC

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Gutters and downspouts are an important investment for every house, especially when it comes to the uncreditable Bluffton weather. Gutters and downspouts may be an easy way to protect your lawn from damage. Installing them yourself might save you money, but it comes at the cost of quality. When installed by a pro, gutters and downspouts can prevent costly landscaping damage and potential home foundation erosion and decay.

No Obligation Free Estimates & No Sales Pressur

We invite you to call our team at Jimmy’s Gutter Service if you need a dependable gutter company that serves Bluffton, SC and the surrounding areas. Our gutter installers are well-trained to address your gutter requirements, regardless of how big or little your job is. We understand that you have a lot of gutter installer options in Bluffton, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service through hard work and honest, open communication. Nothing is more essential than assuring complete satisfaction for the gutter job we do.

Rain Gutters – Downspouts – Repairs

Seamless Gutters

Our gutters will hold up against the weather. Gutters are no longer an eyesore; they will blend beautifully into your home’s exterior.


Downspouts are an important component to any gutter system, make sure yours are installed properly and in good working order.

Gutter Guards

Here in Bluffton, pine needles and debris can quickly clog a gutter system. Gutter guards are invaluable when it comes to proper gutter function.

Gutter Repairs

If your gutters are a few years old you may need minor adjustments, cleaning, and repairs. Make sure it’s fixed right the first time with Jimmy’s Gutters.

How are Downspouts Installed?

Jimmy’s Gutter Service uses rivets to attach downspouts to ensure the most secure connection and prevent damage to your home. Elbows and offsets can be used to balance out overhangs and uneven or irregular surfaces.

When rainwater pools, the gutters might overflow. If your gutter’s dimensions are incorrect, water will collect and overrun them. Leaks that develop in your gutter system are dangerous. Water can seep into the structure of your home, causing moisture damage and structural failure as well as harming soil integrity and foliage. Downspouts that aren’t sized correctly, connected properly, or don’t reach the ground might also cause this problem.

We take great care to layout your network of gutters and downspouts. You may think that you just attach some gutters to your facia, but that is not the case. We study the length of gutter run, where heavy water comes off the roof and the best possible places to send all that water. When you work with us, you not only get great products but a custom designed gutter system.

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